By completing this e-book, you will learn:

How to find your ideal target customer audience

How to track your exact cost per acquisition from advertising

How to start posting on social media and build a brand presence

How to build a connection with your audience

The best ways to advertising your content and find your customers


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Welcome to the Social Media Marketing Guide. You’re about to start an exciting journey to completely transform your understanding and approach to social media marketing.

The digital revolution has fundamentally changed how we all gather and consume products. Gone are the days when customers had to rely on companies to tell them what to buy and what to think about their products or services. Consumers instead discover relevant information on their own and through trusted friends or resources. Most importantly, they prefer to do so at a time and place most convenient to them. What is more convenient than at the comfort of their devices?

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What Will You Learn in This Workbook?

This workbook includes readings and To-Dos that will help you digest the information covered in each section of Stiddle’s completely FREE Social Media course. Additionally, the content in the workbook runs parallel to the video course series – check our Youtube. Within each section of the workbook, there are links that guide you to the original course content. The content in the workbook together with the online course will solidify your proficiency of social media marketing.

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