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Introduction – Digital Marketing Trends


Do you think you’re falling behind in this digital era? As each day passes, innovation is expanding. Digital marketing is a major component in the process of technological advancement, and it is pivotal to learn as much as you can about it now. Artificial intelligence (AI), search engine optimization (SEO), automation, social media, and numerous other algorithm-driven products are the future; therefore, it is crucial to utilize each to grow your business.

This post, brought to you by Stiddle, will outline the top 10 digital marketing trends in 2020 to help you in your process of mastering the digital world.



1. Personalization:

How many times a day are you on one of your devices when you see a pop-up advertisement? Too many to count, right? How many times do you closely look at one of those advertisements? Now, that number is probably slim to none.

So, what can you do to ensure YOUR business’s advertisements are actually being viewed by others? Personalization. Research studies show how personalized marketing messages lead to an 80% increase in purchases by consumers.

Thanks to technology, you are no longer required to spend extra time formulating information yourself for your targeted audience, you now can rely on AI to do that work for you. At Stiddle, AI is the core component in our software and is highly beneficial for digital marketing.



2. SEO:

Search engine optimization is a digital marketers’ best friend. It helps you increase the visibility of your website in search engines, which hand-in-hand increases your traffic.

  • Creates an efficient way to find target keywords.

  • Optimizes your time spent on advertising.

  • Drives consistent traffic and is cost-efficient.



3. Shoppable posts:

Not only can you use social media to advertise your products, but you can now have your users shop directly through your social media accounts.

  • Decreases the amount of time needed to make a purchase since it is no longer needed to go directly to one’s website.

Tyme, an e-commerce store has seen a 44% traffic increase since the time they started utilizing shoppable posts.



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4. Visualization:

A research study conducted found that 51.7% of consumers are more likely to make an online purchase if visuals are included. If someone was to quickly skim through your website to get an idea of the products you are selling, what will resonate with them the quickest are the images provided.

Visualization is what sparks most interest; hence, it leads to a higher rate of purchases.



5. Video:

More than 500 million hours of Youtube videos are watched daily. People are simply attracted to videos because of the engagement it creates.

Additionally, viewers retain 95% of information through a video in comparison to reading it in text. Therefore, when it comes to digital marketing, video inclusion is crucial.



6. Programmatic advertising:

With the newfound abilities that machine-learning algorithms and AI can accomplish, it is important to use this towards your business’s benefit to optimize time and focus on tasks that technology cannot accomplish.

Performance tracking, ad placement, and customer targeting can all be done through tools generated by AI with the click of your button.

You can even use tools; such as the software we have at Stiddle that was created to help online business’s like yourself. Once you sign up, we do all your advertising work for you. Stiddle runs pre-targeted ads to find your intended audience using AI, meaning Stiddle automatically generates high performing campaigns and sales funnels for all businesses (e-commerce, info-product, local business, ect.)

Getting Assistance from automated tools in the realm of online marketing is crucial. If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL from Stiddle, Click Here.



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7. Live Video:

The live streaming industry is expected to be worth more than $70 billion dollars by 2021. Why? Because viewers love the connection created through live content. It provides a sense of comfortability with the speaker and increases the likeliness of the listener’s attention as a result of having human interaction.

Additionally, you can implement live videos for free through social media; therefore, it is also cost-efficient.



8. Conversational marketing:

Thanks to AI, there is now a way to implement chatbots across your website. Chatbots create a streamline for customers to be provided with instant service, which enhances the overall customer experience and rate of engagement.

  • Provides a sense of involvement, which leads to a higher chance that the user will stay on your site.



9. Influencer marketing:

Do you remember a time when you were scrolling through your social media pages or surfing the web and came across one of your favorite influencers endorsing some product? I’m guessing yes. Influencer marketing has been a major trend within the marketing realm for many years because it attracts instant customers.

When a consumer sees someone they look up to use a certain product, it makes them want to use it as well. In fact, 8 out of 10 consumers have purchased something after seeing an influencer recommend it.



10. Email marketing:

Email marketing is a highly beneficial tactic in driving traffic for your business. Adobe conducted a survey to see how much time a day Americans spend checking their emails and reported that the average American spends approximately six hours each day. Why not take advantage of this?

  • For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an ROI of $42.

  • Allows you to implement interactive features; such as clickable buttons for consumers to instantly get access to your website/social media accounts.




So, there you have it- the top 10 digital marketing trends in 2020.

It is important to utilize your resources and stay ahead of the curve to ensure your business growth!

To help you manage your business through the coronavirus crisis, Stiddle has created a toolkit for businesses and a customizable flyer for businesses to communicate their coronavirus efforts to customers.

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